Safety devices for burners on EAF

High flow rates and safety in case of backfire or gas return for burners at the electric arc furnace.

Burners for electric furnaces require a gas flow with minimal pressure loss on the supply line to achieve the highest performance. Common gas safety devices are not suitable for this because the design is not optimized for maximum flow rate.

BEDA burner firing systems are designed for the respective gas (oxygen, natural gas, butane, etc.) in terms of flow dynamics and achieve the highest flow rate among the gas safety devices.

At the same time, they are prepared for operation close to the furnace and have the highest reliability. No other safety device is comparable to the extreme operating conditions of the electric arc furnace.

The actual safety functions are unique in their combination:

In addition to a flow-optimized check valve, the BEDA-2 function burner safety device has a thermocouple with a defined reaction temperature against burning gas retreat. Since the flame front rushes in front of the pressure shaft, it can pass through the hoses and feed lines without any hindrance by the use of simple check valves and ignite there. The BEDA thermocouple in the BEDA-2 function burner safety device, on the other hand, reacts to a defined temperature and closes a second valve long before the non-return valve of the safety device can react to the pressure wave.

The figure shows the BEDA SAFETY MAXXX concept, which offers the highest safety and best performance with no significant pressure losses as a 3-safety device set for oxygen and fuel gas lines.