Robot Lance Holder

Introducing the BEDA-O₂-Pneumatic Lance Holder: The Ultimate Solution for Robot Applications in the Steel Industry

  • Consistent design philosophy ensures safety and quality.
  • The BEDA Oxygen lance holder is a state-of-the-art system designed specifically for use on robots and to optimize your operations.
  • Its unique design ensures the lance pipe is held firmly in place, providing a reliable and efficient solution for your application.
  • With an oxygen working pressure of up to 30 bar and with a generous clamping range within the individual nominal lance diameters, it's built to handle the demands of the steel industry.

Engineered for Excellence

The lance holder combines two main components:

Lance holder: 

  • The lance pipe is clamped and released by pneumatic pressure
  • The lance pipe is held firmly in place by a patented fixing part
  • Sealing function through NEOPRENE seal, which is pressed around the lance pipe

Backfire safety device (integrated):

  • Shut-off in case of backfire and slag return by means of an automatic front valve and a sintered metal
  • Protects against flow-back of gas into supply hose / pipe by means of a rear spring-loaded pressure valve          
  • Stops oxygen in case of incorrectly fitted lance pipe