O₂-Backfire safety device (RB)

[Translate to Englisch:] Sauerstoff-Rückbrandsicherung
[Translate to Englisch:] Technische Zeichnung
  • Safety function 1: shut-off in case of high heat radiation, backfiring and slag return by means of spring-loaded front valveand sintered metal
  • Safety function 2: prevents gas flow back into the hose by means of spring-loaded behind valve
  • Safety function 3: stops oxygen flow in case of incorrectly fitted lance pipe
  • To be mounted directly behind the lance holder
  • Working pressure: 40 bar max.

Does not replace the control valve at the lance.

for lancesBackfire safety device
lance pipe ØOutside-Øconnection (DIN EN 560)
R/BSPR [mm]A1 A2
6 mm6G 3/4  G 3/4
8 mm8G 3/4  G 3/4
1/8"10G 3/4  G 3/4
1/4"13,5G 3/4  G 3/4
3/8"17G 3/4  G 3/4
1/2"21,5G 3/4  G 3/4

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