Reliable Argon stirring at your VD/VOD

[Translate to Englisch:] SPM Vacuum design

[Translate to Englisch:] SPM Standard design

BEDA‘s worldwide proven SP coupling is now available for vacuum processes.

  • High temperature design / No leakages
  • No argon losses / No wrong process data
  • Investment with quick break-even


Argon stirring is part of nearly every modern steel making process. While the basic idea is rather simple, the realization in many steel mills can be still optimized, to improve the technical process reliability and to realize cost saving potentials which are in many cases significant.

BEDA introduced its first high temperature couplings and valves 25 years ago. This technology helped many of our customers to improve their steel making processes, by resolving the leakage problems in their argon supply systems.

As VD/VOD are today indispensable elements of todays quality steel making, BEDA is offering now a variant of its proven SPM coupling, specially designed for the requirements of VD/VOD processes (vacuum, highest temperature, limited space).

The flat design is ideal for usage in vacuum tanks. And in spite of this space saving design, it stilll offers the robustness and handling features, BEDA customers appreciate. Made by people that understand what the requirements are in daily plant operation.

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