Protected pressure gauges and special manometer glass

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Here: protected pressure gauges and special manometer glass

A pressure regulator has two duties:

(1) To ensure the working pressure, independent from the input pressure, at the requested (and recommended) working pressure. Professional pressure regulators, as BEDA‘s DMX–Series, guarantee reliable pressure control and safe operation over a service life of many years.

(2) To display the pressure, both at the system/supply side and at the output/working side. To know and to be aware of the pressure is a vital safety information. This sounds rather trivial, but reality in steel mills shows that this cannot be taken for granted. Looking at many low quality pressure regulators you find in ‚operation‘, you see something very else:

  • At low quality devices gauges are regularly broken and the instruments are leaking (Danger !).
  • At low quality devices gauges are so easily-soiled, that no read-out is possible any more even after short service life.

For BEDA‘s heavy duty designs we only use pressure gauges with high quality glasses, which are dust-repellent and which can be easily cleaned. Some basic maintenance presupposed, these pressure gauges offer a clear read-out over the entire life time of the instrument.

A solid protective case is shielding the pressure gauges from mechanical loads.