No other hose reel lasts for decades

[Translate to Englisch:] Made - 1989 and still in service!

Made - 1989 and still in service!

To deliver longterm value to its customers is BEDA‘s highest aim.
Hose reels from BEDA are designed for many years of reliable service. 

  • BEDA is the only manufacturer of hose reels who is fully focused and committed to steel mill requirements. We don‘t sell repairshop equipment into heavy duty plant environment.
  • All details, the rack, the coil, the hose roller guide, the catch function are designed without any compromises for heavy duty service in steel mill environment.
  • For the spring drive we use high quality springs to achieve maximum service life.
  • The high end bearings and capsuled design concept of BEDA hose reels ensures best protection against dust and smooth running for years.
  • The design is nearly maintenance free.
  • A service life of 12 or 15 years, even in a steel mill, is no miracle. In our installed base there are many units which are even older and still do their job!
  • Using BEDA hose reels with their unmatched quality and service life are the most economical choice for everybody seeking long term value.