BEDA‘s famous glass fibre protection now also for natural gas hoses available

BEDA‘s famous safety hose with the glass fiber protection shield is a LIFE SAVER ! And this statement is not exaggerated.  From our worldwide experience in steel mills we know, that unqualified hoses for oxygen and fuel gases are regular sources for severe accidents, as minor quality hoses do not stand the tough loads oxygen hoses are exposed to in steel mill operations. It is BEDA‘s unique hose technology offering

  • a five year guarantee for the chemical stability of the inner tube, due to a special neoprene composition
  • a composition of materials which is self-extinguishing
  • a multi layer design of spezial yarns and glass fiber to ensure best protection against thermic and mechanical load.

This technology is now also available for natural gas, to be used for any gas burner or heater operating in tough environment. And the new Oxygen-NG-twin-hose is the best available solution for heavy duty emergency cutting torches at the caster, or for flamed scarfing jobs in the cool down areas.