Chemical and paper industries

Robust standard and special hose reels for all media

BEDA is a world-leading specialist hose reel manufacturer. The materials and seals used by BEDA in safety hose reels are characterized by a high resistance to a wide range of different media and chemicals. Leaks and damage are avoided even under the harshest conditions.

The BEDA safety hose reels have a robust and long-lasting design that meets the specific requirements of the paper and chemical industry (e.g., ATEX) without limitation.

Each special requirement can be answered with a special solution.

The BEDA engineers work with the chemical and paper industry on the ground and design the best configurations for the various applications. Please use this website as a general overview of our safe oxygen lance equipment that ensures you the best performance and maximum safety.

In any case contact us directly for a solution that is specific to your needs.