Safety, quality and unrivalled support and advice.

BEDA was founded 60 years ago in a small village near Duisburg in the center of the German steel industry - the Ruhr area. Many of the nearby steelworks used oxygen-lance equipment, which at that time were simple products, made in the workshops of the steelworks.

This equipment was often leaking and many accidents were caused by sudden inflammation of oxygen. As a result, many employees suffered severe burn injuries (on their hands and face).

BEDA became the first company in the world to produce lance holders, safety devices and special valves for oxygen.

These new BEDA products were "high-tech products" compared to the homemade products and offered a better handling and the highest safety.

The steady contact with the steel mills led to a continuous improvement of the products, which met the exact requirements of the steelmaking engineers.

Against this background, our young Company grew steadily, developed patents and offered its customers excellent customer service.

Thus, BEDA Oxygentechnik became Europe's leading manufacturer of oxygen lance equipment and is today the world leader in oxygen lance equipment. BEDA currently offers its globally-known, comprehensive range of advanced security products that include:

  • Oxygen Burning Lances: Improved new generation of lance holders, check valves, quick-shut hand valves
  • Oxygen Injection Lances / EAF: Highlights: New lance holder with automatic adjustment to large lance pipe tolerances, shock-proof valve with high flow rate for manual operation of oxygen lances up to 1 1/4" with piston valve design, new generation of high pressure -regulators, pneumatically operated hose reels for O2 lance manipulators with dust-proof ball bearings and simple hose rewind, electronically controlled oxygen lance equipment for maximum safety
  • All parts BAM- (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing) and TUEV-certified
  • Safety hose reels for 1 or 2 hoses for each medium
  • Argon / N2 purging systems for ladles: the new 600 ° C fast coupling generation
  • Carbon powder injection lance holders and hoses
  • Special safety check valves for oxygen or natural gases with extremely high flow rates up to 4000 Nm3 / h for oxygen-powered burners / EAFs / and related jet burners / EAFs.

With its 60 years of experience, BEDA offers the widest range of high-tech O2 lance equipment on the market, combining the highest level of safety with ease of use and low maintenance.

In addition to outstanding product quality, BEDA offers the steelworks unrivalled support, advice and customer service.

This striking combination goes hand in hand with BEDA's most important corporate objective:

Customer satisfaction