BEDA Oxygentechnik (Germany)

Benefit from our industry and product know-how

Steel industry

Oxygen lance equipment, furnace fuses and argon flushing systems

Scrap yard / slag yard

Outdoor oxygen equipment

Chemical and paper industries

Robust standard and special hose reels for all media

Rescue brigade

Mobile and effective thermic lance equipment

Demolition companies

Oxygen burning equipment for mineral substances

Mining companies

Robust oxygen lance equipment for indoor and outdoor use

Robust design

Suitable for steelworks with special leak-free connections

Best quality

ISO 9001 certified and made in Germany

Maximum safety

External certifications and oxygen-compatible production

Easy to use

Ergonomic and practical design

Extensive after-sales service

Complete product lifecycle model incl. on-site use

Modern, low-maintenance technology

Patented and endurance tested products

BEDA international